For more than 70 years, Ziera has been bringing together design and engineering to create shoes that women, and their feet, love. With premium materials, anatomical design and supportive, cushioned footbeds you’ll find there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style, or fashion for fit. All women deserve to be comfortable in their own skin - and in their shoes.

Accommodates feet that require slightly less space than our ‘W’ fitting.

Our standard fit which should suit most people. If your big toe joint/small toes begin to feel pinched or ache, then you may want to try our roomier XW fit.

Allows for a little more room over the instep or at the front part of the sandals, shoes or boots than our W fitting styles.

Based off our XW fit. You can tailor the fit to allow for more or less room in the shoe by swapping or removing the forefoot inserts which are included with the shoe.


Available with our XF and FF styles. Ensure the inserts sit under the footbed with flex lines facing down.

A PERFECT FITGreat! You won’t need the inserts if the shoes are a perfect fit straight out of the box.

A LITTLE TOO GENEROUSAdd in the blue XF or grey FF (thinner) forefoot insert to make the shoe more snug.

STILL TOO GENEROUSAdd in the pink XF or green FF (thicker) forefoot insert to make it even more snug. You can use both inserts if required.

NEED MORE ROOMYou can remove the footbed completely to give extra wriggle room.

NEED TO FIT A CUSTOM ORTHOTICRemove the footbed to fit a full-length orthotic. For a 3/4 orthotic you can buy a leather covered forefoot inlay for the front of the shoe.

Our Super Support, Comfort Plus and Refined Comfort footbeds are all removable, allowing you to easily swap them out for your personalised orthotics. The Pillow Walk footbed is non-removable, featuring a multi-layered sock lining made from three different types of foam for all-encompassing comfort.